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by Biotec Italia srl

Viale della Repubblica 20, Dueville (VI), Italia
Email: info@biotecitalia.com 

Tel: +39 0444 591683 | Fax: +39 0444 361032

P.Iva 03488271218 

Spray mist Cleanser

A pure, fresh and delicate spray cleanser that effectively cleanses both face and body. It maintains skin’s natural pH balance and does not affect the hydrolipidic film. A very delicate [...]

Epi Peel

A cleansing formula containing microgranules of diatom, specifically formulated to remove excess sebum and impurities deeply accumulated in the pores of the skin. It accelerates [...]

Derma Block

Medium-weight daytime moisturizer with SPF 15, particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, helps shield against pigment-inducing UV light. It develops a safe solar filter, perfectly [...]

Interactive Hygienic Cream

A disinfectant cream for skin hygiene, based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide and soothing, anti-inflammatory plant extracts. It is suitable for local calming treatment, for deep [...]


An original balsam gel, which guarantees an immediate calming and lightening effect together with a progressive re-balancing and revitalizing effect. It absorbs perfectly without [...]

Derma Light

High-potency brightening treatment to minimize discoloration and improve skin clarity. The synergy of Arbutin and nanotechnologies gradually lighten all the pigment marks [...]

Fluid H

A highly hydrating fluid gel that contains purified water and a very high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid of biotechnological derivation. Extremely pure and non sensitizing. Recommended for [...]

Eye Serum

It smoothes the lines of the eye contour, decongests puffiness and lightens dark circles thanks to new generation active ingredients. It contains high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid that [...]

Rose E

Rose E is a 100% pure Rosa Mosqueta seed extract. This particular extract of exclusive Chilean origin, contains a remarkable variety of active ingredients. Recommended for skin traumas, such as  [...]

Sensitive Skin Lip Protector

A real breakthrough in lip care and protection with natural actives in a practical, easy to carry stick. Antiseptic and moisturizing, helps to prevent bothersome discomfort, like herpes. It nourishes and [...]

Botolifting Serum

An exclusive formula that has been designed to fight fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, thanks to the sinergy of different actives: amminoacids that stimulate collagen production and AH8*, an active ingredient that simulates [...]


NeoHair is rich in active ingredients, designed to fight thinning hair and stimulate re-growth. Helps to reduce hair loss, allowing an increase in average hair diameter. Recommended for [...]

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