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by Biotec Italia srl

Viale della Repubblica 20, Dueville (VI), Italia
Email: info@biotecitalia.com 

Tel: +39 0444 591683 | Fax: +39 0444 361032

P.Iva 03488271218 

Body Peel

Creamy body scrub, dramatically smoothes, polishes and energizes all skin conditions. Smooth away rough spots, especially over the elbows, knees, heels and back of arms. Recommended for [...]

Breast Contour

Breast Contour is an exclusive formulation able to give firmness and tone to the skin of the delicate breast area. It works by reducing relaxation and by lifting the whole breast. Recommended for [...]

Lipo Slender

An extremely effective formulation, with a double action of prevention and cure of cellulite and local fat. This exclusive formula utilizes nanotechnologies that guarantee effective. Recommended for [...]

Stretch Marks

An activating formulation for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks, by hydrating the skin and maintaining the elasticity. Recommended for [...]

Body Hydroskin

An effective moisturizer to revitalize dehydrated and dull skin. Its exclusive formulation regenerates and activates cell metabolism, leaving the skin [...]

Leg Lotion

Ultra refreshing formulation that instantly soothes the sensation of tired-feeling legs. It promotes a feeling of relaxation, with a cooling effect, for a sense of lightness and well being. Recommended for [...]

Epil Serum

An exclusive formulation that inhibits the natural hair growth process. Reduced hair growth and thinning are clinically proven. It is particularly effective in treating fine hair. Results are [...]

Body Toning

A moisturizing serum containing a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid to give elasticity and firmness to body contours. Recommended for dry, dehydrated, rough and [...]

Elite Energizing

A gel-like cream ideal for parts of the body affected by water retention like buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen. Recommended for all skin types as a pre-treatment and as part of [...]

Skin Renewal

A body emulsion rich in glycolic acid that stimulates cell regeneration, leaving the skin soft and supple. Glycolic acid promotes the cellular turn-over process with a plasticizing and [...]


An advanced formulation that helps to reduce fat and cellulite. The active ingredients act directly on the fat cells to reduce their size. A complete protocol of treatments effectively reduces [...]


Reduces and prevents stretch marks, by providing a reserve of toning biomolecules, able to renew the cells of the skin, toning the interstitial matrix and rehydrating the [...]

Protection Ice Spray

Formulation with a cooling effect, created to soothe, decongest and give elasticity and lightness to the skin. A pleasant cooling sensation, giving tired and swollen legs an [...]

Thermoforce Spray

A spray causing a warming effect on the skin. It increases the blood and lymphatic circulation, aiming to target cellulite and local fat. Recommended for the treatment of l[...]

Hand Care

Soft and easy to absorb hand cream to nourish the skin, protecting it from aggressions of different nature (cold, water, detergents, etc.). It is ideal for chapped, dry, dehydrated and [...]

Foot Care

Soft and easy to absorb foot cream, to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin, improving its appearance. Recommended to [...]

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